Seminar “Mobilizing Youth through Sports and Technology”


14th June – 19th June 2011 in Vienna, Austria – call for participants

Seminar “Mobilizing Youth through Sports and Technology”
ENGSO Youth, ISCA and Sportunion Österreich are organizing this Seminar aimed at addressing the experienced need among youth organizations in the sport sector for in-depth discussions and exchange of knowledge on the link between youth engagement in the sport sector and electronic media. Co-financed  by the European Youth Foundation, 24 young Europeans up to 35 years old, who are working as leaders, volunteers and trainers in the youth sport sector will gather in Vienna to discuss and share ways to overcome communication barriers with the help of new technologies. With the support of experienced trainers, facilitators and experts good practice examples will be elaborated and the potential of various media will be explored (ie Facebook, Twitter, Bebo…). Participation fee is € 40,- / Accommodation and full board are free of charge for the participants/ 70% of the travel costs, up to € 150 will be reimbursed.
Applications will be accepted until 29th April